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The secrets for increasing your sales, motivating your team, ending your fears, and improving your relationships

Image by lookstudio @Freepik

As a communication consultant, I spend a lot of time looking and researching how people interact with one another. Sometimes I find invaluable tips and ideas while attending seminars, reading, or watching internet videos.

While browsing one day, I came across Simon Sinek’s TED Talk “The Why is First.” …

Tips on how to use images in your work, and 33 free image websites to look for your next article’s cover

Image by azerbaijan_stockers at Freepik, Art by Author

Now that you’ve finished your article and written the title, it’s time to put the final touch to make people read your work. Since the internet is a visual medium, nothing attracts more readers to your stories than a captivating image.

A picture is worth a thousand words. But you…

The ultimate book list to think like a billionaire entrepreneur. How many have you read?

Image Freepik, by azerbaijan_stocke

Do you wonder why successful people read so many books?

The answer is simple. Reading stimulates learning and makes creative juices flow. Bill Gates once said he reads over 50 books a year, and Mark Zuckerberg has a book club to motivate him to read.

Other famous people like Oprah…

From the Mayflower, the Wright Brothers, to the Apollo landing on the Moon, here are more facts you might like to check.

Photo Freepik

After many readers asked me for more curious facts about the United States history and general information, I’ve decided to write a second installment.

I wondered whether to call it the “Adjust your Factometer Book II” or the “U.S. and the Chamber of secrets and curious facts.”

1 — The…

Teachings from a dying seventeen-year-old boy with Progeria

Photo by form PxHere

Hello everyone. I’m Sam, and I just turned 17.

Sam Berns, a dying boy with Progeria, began his TED Talk with this simple message, teaching the entire world one of the most profound philosophies on resistance, courage, and the will to live.

You may recall Robin Williams’ film “Jack,” which…

From the reasons that fueled the space race, the Russian’s plans to be the first, and why the Apollo program ended

Image Pixabay

AAfter half a century from the moment that Neil Armstrong set a foot on the moon on July 20, 1969, we are still learning some things that happened during U. S. and Russia’s space race.

Did you know that Russia almost set a man on the moon surface one year…

From Santa, trees, and lights, to mistletoe, food, and presents

Image by Benzoix at Freepik

Whether you celebrate Christmas, Hanukkah, or Kwanzaa, if you live in the United States, you will experience the holiday mood. From lighted trees, decorations, music, presents, and lots and lots of food.

If you say “Hyvää Joulua!” to your Finnish friends, “Gledelig Jul!” to your Norwegian coworker, or “Feliz Navidad!”…

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