I’m the third-grader who refused to listen to his teacher. After she told me I should attend a special education school since I wouldn’t read or write like my classmates, I discovered that I had severe dyslexia and that she was a moron.

It took me long hours with private tutors, less time to play or watch TV, and the ugliest prescription glasses, which made me the target of the class bully. But also understood that I could keep up and even outperform my classmates with practice, a checklist, and spare time to re-check my work.

I learned important life lessons like that your peers will judge you if you look different, also that everybody is equal, but some think they are more equal than others, and most important of all, that the only way to achieve your goals is to do it yourself.

When someone told me I couldn’t learn another language, I watched every TV show and movie in English until I learned how to speak; and if they said I wouldn’t be able to go to college, I worked twice as hard until I got my bachelor’s degree in Industrial Design

After graduating from the university, I spent over 30 years as a designer, developer, consulter, and I.T. Manager in the Information Technology, banking, and manufacturing industries.

I studied in Boston and worked in L.A. and San Antonio.

In 2012, after returning from the United States, I worked as C.O.O., Communication Consultant, SCRUM Fundamentals Coach, and Dyslexia Researcher, working with international companies (Oracle, Mirka, Mnemo, Lundbeck, and Roxtec) as well as for the Spanish and Nordic Chambers of Commerce in Mexico. During the pandemic, I started my career as a writer on Medium.com, and to this date, I’ve published over 400 articles, received the top 1,000 writers bonus, and become a top writer in #Books, #Movies, #Reading, and #Writing.

My training in customer service and problem-solving abilities led me to help people communicate better at work or home with their loved ones. One of the most satisfying things in life is to watch an introverted person lose the scenic panic and shine on stage.

As a severely dyslexic diagnosed person, I like to help others understand how our dyslexic brain functions and help struggling kids and teens use their abilities to succeed regardless of their challenges.

The pandemic showed me there is nothing more important than spending time with your family and friends because you’ll never know when they could leave your life. Hence, since COVID-19 started, I cherish every moment with my loved ones and share all the wonders our world has to offer, as well as all the advice from the wisest men in history, plus a few smiles.

Writing is not only my weapon of choice to conquer the world, but due to my dyslexia, is also my harsher challenge. Every written paragraph is a small battle between my brain and the will to succeed. As in a chess match, every connecting word becomes a move toward checkmate.

At last, as an Industrial Designer, I learned to spot the smallest detail and search for a way to improve. Here is where the ability to create, as a designer, merges with the dyslexic brain to look outside the box and see an alternative solution to every challenge. Making me a strong believer in the power in you.

"If someone says it is not possible, it is because no one has found a better way to do it, and maybe you’ll be the first one. "— J. L. Ontanon

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