How Well do You Remember the 60s?

Here are ten trivia questions to put your knowledge of the 60s to the test

Jose Luis Ontanon Nunez


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Two young girls wearing white dresses and flowers in their hair, Hippie style of the 60s.
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TThroughout history, each decade had special events marking those who lived them. However, perhaps in the 60s, with all the technological innovations, the Hippie culture, music, movies, and T.V. make us remember them.

Whether you lived them as a child, as a young adult, or learned them in your U.S. history class, you will reminisce those beautiful years.

Here are ten simple trivia questions to challenge yourself or test your friends’ memory.

1- Who was the first person to orbit the Earth?

During the 60s, the Soviets led the space race against the U.S. with Russia’s first like:
Sputnik, the first satellite, Oct 57 vs. U.S. Explorer 1, Jan 58.
Valentina Tereshkova, the first woman in space, Jun 63 vs. Sally Ride June 83.
Alexei Leonov, first spacewalk, Mar 65 vs. U.S. Ed White on Jun65.
Luna 1, first flyby of the moon, Jan 59 vs. U.S. Pioneer 4 on Mar 59.
Luna 3, first photos of the moon’s dark side, Oct 59 vs. Luna Orbiter I, Aug 66.
Luna 9, first soft-land on the moon, Feb 66 vs. U.S. Surveyor on June 66.

And Yuri Gagarin, as the first man in space, on April 61, vs. Alan Shepard Jr. on May 61.

For more information about the space race, you can read “Some Facts About the Space Race You Probably Ignore.

2.- Who broke Babe Ruth’s home run record of 61?

The former Yankees player, Babe Ruth, hit 60 home runs during the 1927 season. It took 34 years for another ball player to break The Great Bambino’s record. On October 1, 1961, during New York’s final game of the regular season against the Boston Red Sox, Roger Maris hit his 61st home run, becoming the first player in Major League Baseball to hit over 60 in a season.



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