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From Washington to Biden, here are some interesting facts about the Presidents of the United States

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Few jobs inspire and intrigue worldwide as much as that of the President of the United States. All the mystery and power they have makes us dream of becoming part of this selected group of people since we are kids.

We crave all the information and gossip we can get, from the history surrounding the firsts members to the drama and rivalry of the recent ones. No matter if you are a Republican or a Democrat. From the rural U. S. …

From the Mayflower, the Wright Brothers, to the Apollo landing on the Moon, here are more facts you might like to check.

Photo Freepik

After many readers asked me for more curious facts about the United States history and general information, I’ve decided to write a second installment.

I wondered whether to call it the “Adjust your Factometer Book II” or the “U.S. and the Chamber of secrets and curious facts.”

1 — The Appalachian Mountains are America’s second-largest mountain range. That is true in part. Eighty percent of the Appalachians extend along the U.S. Still, the rest runs into eastern Canada and up to the islands of Saint Pierre and Miquelon, an overseas territory of France, near Newfoundland, Canada. Therefore, you can take…

Get your facts right, old man! Fact-checking a friend’s facts. How well do you rate?

Photo by Andrea Piacquadio from Pexels

Yesterday I was talking to a friend, and we started debating about the history of the United States. When we finished, I decided to send him a simple list of ten facts that many people have wrong.

If you want to check it, here is the list of curious facts about the United States; you might like to find out if you have them right. And in the process, save yourself some searching time and probably adjust your “Factometer.”

1 — Washington was not the first president. There were 14 more Continental Presidents, 1. Peyton Randolph, 2. Arthur Henry Middleton…

A writer’s lifesaver guide to formatting your work as a pro for Advice, Case studies, How-to, Listicle, or another article style.

Image Wayhomestudio at Freepik

You chose the topic for your next article and found it relevant, necessary to write, and valuable to the readers. It is something that you feel has to be said. Now you only need to decide whether you write it as Advice, How-to, Listicle, or any other style.

There are different writing formats, and you have to select which to use and make it stand from the others.

Besides the publication’s basic requirements, each style has some particular points to consider. …

If you wonder what are the top articles per category, or if there is a formula to be on the list, here is the answer

Photo by Gpointstudio, at freepik

I challenged myself to read the top 950 articles on the list and review the other 50 (those with reading times over 30 minutes). An endeavor that took me one hour in the morning and another at night for the last two months.

I started with the ones with one or two minutes of reading time, but on the second day, I’ve realized it was too much information to process in a short time. So, I changed my strategy, mixed the articles with small and big reading times, and combined the theme, such as an economy article and a relationship…

Don’t get lost in writer’s block again; here is some help

Image Lukas Bieri on Pixabay

Sometimes, thinking about what to write might be the toughest challenge in your day. Many authors say they experience “writer’s block” when it is really “content block” that they’re suffering. Once you find the theme for your next article, words will flow almost like a miracle.

Even if you don’t have an idea where to look for inspiration. Trust your muse and go for it, but first, you have to be honest. Are you really experiencing writer’s block, or is it just an excuse to procrastinate?

Here are some ideas to help you in your quest to conquer any inspiration…

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